3 Reasons Why You Buy Quality Bras and Not Clothes

How to save a lot of money on bras from FrySauceandGrits.com

  Beautiful friends!  I had an epiphany today and decided to write this short post.  Most of the women I meet and help either through my in-person or online consultations, the vast majority of them spend the LOWEST amount of their wardrobe dollars on their bras.  Most women tend to spend far more money on…

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DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Shirt

DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Top Fry Sauce and Grits (10)

  If you haven’t noticed it’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  To me BCAM isn’t just about breast cancer, it’s a month to bring more awareness about breast health, breast care, celebrating being a woman and one of the most womanly parts on our body, boobs! I wanted to do something different for BCAM…

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Trick Or Treat Candy Buffet

Children's Trick or Treat Halloween Candy Buffet Front Porch Fry Sauce and Grits

Fall is here and I LOVE decorating for this season because there’s endless possibilities of things you can do to spread ghoulish cheer.  I was going through my Halloween decorations trying to decide what kid of theme I wanted to do on my front porch.  Most of my decor is candy inspired, the thought hit…

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A Plaid Fall Dinner Party With Target Style


This post is promoted by Target. All opinions and views are mine. There just so happens to be this sturdy picnic table underneath a huge maple tree across the street from my apartment. For the past few months, it’s been calling my name to utilize it for a fancy dinner party. I thought it would…

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Rheno’s Strongest Bond Birth Announcement

Rhenos Strongest Bond Birth Announcement Minted.com Fry Sauce and Grits

I had the great pleasure of picking out a birth announcement for my little man from Minted.com.  I looked at all of their beautiful options and FELL in love with this one.  I love the idea of creating a mini book announcement that gives more personal information about my handsome little man.  When I receive birth…

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3 Things EVERY Postpartum Mom Needs!

3 Things Every Postpartum Mom Needs from Fry Sauce and Grits

  When I was pregnant with my daughter three years ago, I was so concerned about getting all the things the baby needed, and completely forgot to take the time to get things I was going to help me feel “me” again.  I think a lot of moms can relate.  Months after having my daughter…

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Think & Make Link Party #47


Where has this year gone?  Can’t believe it’s September!  I’m really looking to fall but am going to miss summer.  Hopefully this fall will be a nice and mild.  With fall right around the corner I’ve been feeling like it’s January. I’m feeling motivated and eager to get back into life. Summer was rather lazy…

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4 Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs!

Four Nursing Bras Every Momma Needs Fry Sauce & Grits-16

Hey friends.  Courtney here.  I’ve been on a nursing bra crusade.  I had baby #2 this in April and I’ve been so excited to try some new nursing bras.  I contacted some of my favorite bra brands and asked if I could try some of their new nursing bras.  These bras have been tried, tested,…

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Five Tips to Buying Your Daughters First Bra

How to Buy Your Daughter's First Bra FrySauceandGrits.com

I have a young daughter who is two and the thought of the day when I’ll  take her bra shopping makes me feel excited and kind of sad.  I think of how I’ll be able to impress my daughter with my bra knowledge (she’ll probably think I’m a big weirdo) and the reality that my…

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