10 Unexpected Places to Decorate Your Home with Indoor Plants

How to Decorate your Home with Indoor Plants Fry Sauce & Grits - FrySauceandGrits.com  (3 of 10)

  What is your love language?  Do you love hearing words of affirmation, being served,  receiving gifts, physical touch, or spending quality time with your loved one?  I love all of these, but my husband and I have a weird love language.  We like to show we care by giving each other plants, yeah we’re…

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My Super Retro Pink and Feminine Office Makeover

Eclectic Vintage Feminine Pink Office Makeover from Fry Sauce & Grits - FrySauceandGrits.com  (8 of 13)-2

I’m really really happy for this day.  I’m finally revealing a makeover project that has taken me seven months to finish.  Yes, it took me 6 months longer than I had hoped for.  I’m finding that’s the case with a lot of DIY and home improvement projects that they end up taking a lot more…

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DIY Gilded Frame

Before And After | FrySauceAndGrits.com

About a year ago my husband and I went to a print sale up at Utah State, and bought this cute little print. Since we didn’t have a whole lot of money, we decided to buy a cheap floating frame like this one to display it. Since I’ve always wanted to experiment with Liquid Leaf, I thought…

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Modern Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Themed Nursery Design and Decorist Giveaway!

Decorist Mood Board for Nursery - Copy

If you haven’t heard the exciting news I’m expecting a little boy at the beginning of May.  This will be child #2 in our family.  I’m really excited for my daughter to have a little brother, my husband to have a son, for me to not be pregnant anymore (haha), and to feel the joy…

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Caitlin’s Piano Makeover

Caitlin's Piano After

I figure that probably not all of our readers here at Fry Sauce & Grits own a home, so I thought I’d feature my tiny 350 square foot apartment in some posts to reach out to those of you who are in the same type of living situation. A few months back, my husband and…

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