DIY Instax Wall Art

Fry Sauce & Grits DIY Instax Wall Art

For my birthday last March, Sam got me a Mini Instax Camera, and since then we’ve enjoyed going on small and large adventures to use it. I’m sure that if you’ve ever played around with any type of instant camera, you know that the film can be a bit pricey, however it’s totally worth the fun!

Here we are at the Botanical Gardens on Catalina Island during our honeymoon. We both kind of dig cacti; they are pretty cool.
You may recognize this store, if you’ve ever been down to St. George. It made us chuckle. So much stuff jam-packed into one store, we just couldn’t handle it, we had to snap a photo.
We had taken some memorable polaroids, but we had no way to display them, or keep them safe (I am not big into scrapbooking). I had an idea one day that we should display them above our bed, since our little room was lacking a bit in decor.
So Sam and I  bought some mini clothespins and craft wire. There were already some nails hanging above our bed left over from the previous renters. So we strung up some wire, and clipped our polaroids on the line. We think it gives our tiny room a little more personality, since we can’t paint our walls.
I’m curious, how do make your place your own while renting?


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